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Reflection Centre


December 2015 -- I do want to take a moment and express my gratitude to you for your extremely helpful heart towards families like mine who are going through such tragic circumstances. This year has been one of growth for me and you have played an integral part in helping me move along the path rather than getting stuck. I pray that your practice would thrive in order to assist many others in finding the best outcome to their family's challenges. I know that God uses our stories to help others and yours has inspired me to see this through to the best end possible.

August 2014 -- Six months ago, I came through a difficult time, which you walked me through. I appreciate the insight and wisdom you brought to the process. i have gained strength, confidence and more self awareness since that time and cannot thank you enough for providing a safe place to express myself at a level I have never done before. 

July 2013 -- My wife and I were referred to Deborah by our lawyers for divorce coaching and mediation services. We were able to work through our separation in a cooperative manner and have become better coopraents for our 3 children as a result. Thank you Deborah for your guidance and compassion as some of our issues seemed impossible for us to negotiate. We saved time, emotions and money and feel relieved to be able to able to communicate more efeectively for our children's sake.

December 2012 -- Upon your advice I attended an 'Anger Management' workshop hosted through the Reflection Centre.  I was uncertain about attending and very reluctant to identify myself as an angry person.  I saw myself as very calm and laid back with occassional angry reactions.  I enjoyed the workshop more then I expected and noticed an immediate change in my closest relationships.  I had no idea how intimidating I could be or how my reactions could impact the people around me that I love the most.  Thank you for this wonderful workshop.

November 2012 -- I came to you as I was struggling to regain my own identity after ending a 20 year relationship.  I had no idea where to go first.  Through a combination of individual therapy, coaching and group therapy I was able to start making plans in my life and living again.  Not only did I have support through my personal transition I also identified the type of work I wanted to do, was guided through the process of developing a great resume, and successfully returned to the workforce much sooner then anyone expected.  Thank you for your ongoing help and support, it has made all the difference in the world to me!

June 2012 --  Thank you so much for all of the help and guidance you have given me.  I originally came to you reeling in the midst of a relationship break up, struggling with anger and guilt, and buried in shame over my own infidelity.  I was miserable.  Over the course of a few individual sessions I began to change, to feel better and lighter.  I soaked up all of the information in the communication workshop and the anger management weekend and finally made the transition to a therapy group.  I was so hesitant going into group, afraid of what I would encounter and still carrying all of my shame.  Group turned out to be the most transformational experience for me.  I would recommend group therapy to anyone who asks.  In my individual sessions I always set the tone and decided what I wanted to talk about.  In group I was forced to talk about what came up in the room for me and what I brought up in the room for others.  I gained a deeper understanding of how I impacted people around me, and I finally let go of my shame and was able to forgive myself completely for my past actions and where I had done wrong in my life.  Thank you for introducing me to group and changing my life!

August 12, 2011 -- My husband and I came to your centre in February, 2011 after hitting a high level of frustration and a feeling of hopeless in both our marriage and with our son. I feel compelled to thank your team at the Reflection Centre for incredible support and caring you provided for all of us. Both John and I have learned so much about ourselves and each other, which has made us better people and parents. As you know our son has seen several therapists before and was resistant to going. After the first session we could tell he wanted to come. I know I have more to learn but the change in all of us is remarkable!! Thank you!!

September, 2011 -- We are so grateful for the guidance you provided for us in our struggling marriage. Thank you for your compassion and lack of judgment of us and for creating a safe place for us to work through our issues and create a much better relationship. We also attended your couples workshop, which was eye opening to say the least. We will continue to learn and grow as you have taught us to deposit into the relationship 'bank' and what a difference for both of us. We have sent you a referral (dear friends) who have commented on the changes they see in both of us. Thanks again for your guidance.

June, 2011 -- I am writng this testimonial to thank your team for the ALL you have provided in support and resources to our family. We originally came to you for divorce coaching and mediation as we were in a painful and difficult divorce situation. Through your collaborative approach to divorce, we have setted our issues and have a parenting plan that is working well for the children. I particularly want to thank you for the therapy and coaching the Reflection Centre provided for our children. Both of them LOVED their sessions at the centre and I can finally see the light at the end of what felt like a dark tunnel. You provide excellent care and I would not hesitate to tell others about you.